So What’s This Blog For Anyway?

So, you’ve found my blog. Maybe I sent you here; maybe you searched my name and wound up here; maybe you used to know me or are vaguely familiar with me and are looking for good dirt; maybe you are profoundly bored and even reading this page seems exciting compared to whatever else you’re supposed to be doing. Regardless of the reason why, you are now reading the web site of one particular dude. Since you’re here, I might as well honor your presence by attempting to keep you entertained for the next few minutes by stretching this collection of thoughts into an entire article.

I’ve had this site for at least a full year, and truth be told… I don’t really know what I’m doing here. This site probably exists for a combination of subconscious reasons. Maybe I wanted to reserve my parcel of virtual real estate on the open web before the concept of an “open web” completely vanishes. Maybe I wanted to put something out there to manipulate the top search result for my name by which to control my online reputation. Maybe I wanted to set up a server “just in case” I ever have something important to publish. Maybe I just found it fun and interesting to build up a working web site and get it working on a remote server. Maybe I want a way to push out thoughts and communication to those with whom I’ve lost social contact while avoiding the awkwardness and humility of contacting them directly. Or maybe it really is for the reasons stated on the About Me page. Yet if that is really true, then why haven’t I made much use of the site? Hmmm.

Here’s a photo I took. It’s part of a high-voltage transmission line. It’s my blog and no one can stop me from putting this here.

At one point I figured it could become an online portfolio, something sleek and professional that would showcase my work and land me that next amazing dream gig. But seriously, who does business that way? People don’t hire you because of your web site. They hire you because you’ve created some kind of meaningful connection with them, whether that’s via a previous encounter through work, friends, personal experience, a conference, a serendipitous meeting, or something like that. I’ve been tempted to keep this site strictly professional and straightforward so as not to scare off potential clients. But really now; beneath that great and powerful veil known as “The Internet” by which we filter and curate our every thought and action for the sake of appearances, we are all unprofessional messes. I lean more and more towards honoring that truth of our shared human experience, even at the expense of appearing “unprofessional”.

And the more I think about that, the more sense it makes. When you’ve created a meaningful connection with someone, whether it be work-related or personal, all kinds of superficial things become easily overlooked and forgiven. The superficial cannot reduce your level of competence, nor does it hinder the types of work that I gravitate towards. At the same time openness, honesty, and authenticity compel others to want more connection with you. It makes you more relatable. (Or at least that’s what I think happens. I’m not someone who has natural people skills so I have to deliberately design that sort of thing into my life or else live without it.) That is to say: Whether your interest in me is professional, personal, hate-induced, or whatever else, if you connect with me, you are going to get a flawed natural human person who does his very best to fulfill his end of the bargain.

To that end, I may start talking about more revealing and, I don’t like this word, “vulnerable” topics on this blog. But I haven’t made up my mind yet. It’s a public web site, and I’m not sure if it’s a good idea to get explicit about my personal life on here. More to think about.

Having made it this far down the page, may your boredom now be somewhat relieved.