Photo of a music keyboard.

I’ve been composing, arranging, and producing music for a long time. My main influences are fantasy video game music composers like Nobuo Uematsu, and orchestral film composers like John Williams to name two major ones (though listing all of my influences would be impractical). Sometimes I get involved in arranging/performing VGM (video game music) arrangements, but my main drive is to create original work. I also take an interest in music production technology and hardware, like synthesizers, mics and preamps, and kit building. Much of the hardware I use I built from kits.

Where to Listen


Original Albums


Contributions to Others’ Work

Other Original Work

Community Albums

I’ve been privileged to collaborate with various musicians within the VGM community on the following albums and arrangements.

[Update 11/03/2021: For reasons totally beyond my control, the following four albums will soon be completely removed from public distribution. Therefore, the links below will stop working, and it will not be possible to listen to them anymore. I will leave the links up for historical completeness. There is a chance that some of these tracks may be re-released independently, or under a different label, in which case I will update the links as soon as that happens. This is being caused by a very strange situation and describing it any further would go beyond the scope of this page. Sorry for the inconvenience.]

Other Misc. Work

May or may not be music-related, but definitely game- or audio-related.