About Me

Who Am I?

I like to create interesting things, meet interesting people, and discuss interesting concepts. As an introvert, it is critical for me to keep a balanced ratio of alone time to social time. For that reason among others, I have created this site to be my alternative to social media. With it I am able to post long articles and shorter status updates, make myself searchable, market my creations, and more, making social media unnecessary. I believe social media to be a primarily negative influence for most people, and I’ve decided to stop supporting it (and its advertisers) as much as I can.

Maybe you’d like to see some photos of various things I’ve built.

University Degree

I majored in music and graduated from the University of Minnesota. To be clear, I place much more value on a person’s actual capabilities than on paper qualifications. I’m mostly showing this degree to prove that I actually did something during those college years.

Photo of my B.A. degree from the University of Minnesota.

About This Web Site

I chose a minimal, straightforward site design for mostly practical reasons as it keeps your loading times down and my bandwidth costs low, not to mention it allows me to have a web presence without requiring me to be good at web design. It also meets my vision for what the web should be like: Simple, elegant, straightforward, and accessible, leading you to the information you’re looking for in as few steps as possible. These characteristics also make the site easy to migrate to alternate hosts/providers in case that ever becomes necessary to do.