Thank You To My Listeners

THANK YOU to everyone who listens to my music on the various streaming platforms / stores.

Even though my discography is tiny, and even though I’ve done absolutely no work to advertise it whatsoever, still, there are people all over the world who have found it and listen to it regularly. I notice you, and I really appreciate that. I know this because every month I earn a small steady amount in streaming revenue, and it has finally reached the minimum withdrawal amount, meaning next month I can finally get paid for my own compositions.

It has been extraordinarily hard to make music for the last few years. I’ve had some massive challenges to my creativity, some of which I’ve overcome, and some of which still need work. Since my creativity is limited, I am reserving it for the soundtrack to the game I am creating. So, I’ll seem to have very little output for the foreseeable future, but eventually, an entire soundtrack will magically appear.

Sometimes I feel like the weirdest musician on the planet. I hate performing in front of people, I don’t care about being in a band or group, I don’t play any instrument nor feel compelled to learn one, and I don’t relate to most other musicians. Yet I love composing and producing, I love music in the context of video games and storytelling through said games, I love putting notes into sound through the DAW on the computer, I love exploring new ways to make sounds that sound musical, I love refining and perfecting the art of composing such that the music takes on meaning for the listener without the listener needing to understand how or why it has meaning. I know that every musician tends to think they’re weird, but seriously, I have yet to find anyone who relates to my way of doing it. Anyway, thank you for being a listener!